Three Year Gardener's Gratitude Journal

Three Year Gardener's Gratitude Journal

Written by Chelsie Anderson and Donna Balzer​

"This book is perfect for all gardeners- there is great information provided, it's a beautiful layout, an all-around cheerful and enjoyable journal... I really like the personal stories, the way in which the journal is inclusive... I also like the handy (timely) reminders to gardeners for when certain time-sensitive garden activities should be taking place." Colleen Zacharias, Winnipeg Free Press Homes

"This is the book that keeps you 'on course' in your garden. By tracking your progress, not only will you see the results, but you will have a fantastic guide of your successes for the next growing season to come! Get journalling...AND gardening with the help of these wonderful experts!" Carson Arthur, Outdoor Lifestyle Expert. HGTV and Cityline

Birth Writes: A Collection of Real Life Birth Stories

Edited by Carole Monnier Clark with Chelsie Anderson

After some delicious peanut-butter toast, they wheeled me to postpartum. I remember saying to somebody, “That wasn’t so bad. I could do that again. Not tonight, I mean. Another time.” 


The idea for this book was born during long postpartum talks with newborn babies in arms and toddlers running wild at our feet. As we shared our own birth stories with each other it became clear that we wanted to hear more about other people’s experiences, all kinds of experiences, and we felt that others would too. That’s what we asked for and that’s exactly what we got!


Here you’ll find tales about labour and delivery as varied as their authors. From natural births to hospital births, planned C-sections to home births, slow deliveries to speedy arrivals, twins born in the hospital and at home, birth in the wake of natural disaster, to the perfect birth plans that work out and those that don’t. There’s adventure in these pages; the adventure that comes along with welcoming new life into this world, which in turn fundamentally changes the life of those who welcome it. 

Birth Writes