Educational Opportunities

"Chelsie's presentation was the highlight of our event. Class participants were intrigued, engaged and entertained! Chelsie's passion is clear and she is an expert at instilling that same enthusiasm in her audience. We would have her back in a heartbeat!" Joanna Tschudy, Landscape Designer and Education Coordinator, Spruce It Up GardenCentre.

Wonder-Full Worms in Our World

Chelsie will engage your classroom (1 class at a time only please) for a 30 minute presentation on vermiculture. During this time Chelsie will share the reasons she loves worms; how they benefit our world with curriculum connections, how to raise worms in the classroom (Worm Care 101), and the real dirt on worm poop, including why it grows the tastiest vegetables imaginable!

  • $50 for 30 minutes, provided a minimum of 3 presentations in one school on the same day are booked at once. Price doubles if only 1 presentation is requested.

  • $30 to rent a worm bin for a month (Additional Fee)


  • $50 to buy a vermiculture starter kit for your class (additional fee, includes a small worm bin, 1/4 pound of worms, worm food, sand, soil, and leaves)

"Ready, Set, Grow"

Chelsie will provide students with a live demonstration on how to harvest worm castings (worm poop), reminds them about why we love this vermiculture by-product, then has students help mix the castings into a potting mix. Chelsie will walk your class through a sprouting demonstration (leaving the sprouts for your class to enjoy), encouraging each student to plant one of 3 crops; lettuce, garlic, or beans to watch them transform into food for your classroom.

  • As a bonus, for $10, Chelsie offers up sprouted avocado pits, ready to plant, for your class to grow into a tree for an additional $10 (includes the pit, the soil and pot. Have fun!

  • $100 includes potting mix, worm castings and seeds- 30 minutes, provided a minimum of 3 presentations in one school on the same day are booked at once. Price doubles if only 1 presentation is requested.


  • Book both sessions at once for $5 off. Available November– March only.


  • A minimum of 3 presentation at one school on the same day is required in order to get the presentations at this cost. If only 1 presentation is booked at a school the price will be doubled.

Lunch n' Learn

Are you looking for a way to engage, energize, and educate your staff through reconnecting them with nature? Chelsie offers an uplifting hour-long “Lunch n’ Learn” that will engage workers “ecotherapy” through touching the dirt right in their office.


While rewiring your brain for happiness and health, Chelsie will also inspire you to consider the advantages of growing “living soils” that are well mineralized for the benefit of local produce. Reap the benefits of ecotherapy and fresh produce all over lunch!

Gardening, Naturally

Everyone’s an organic gardener, until the weeds, the bugs, or disease takes over. In Chelsie’s talk Gardening, Naturally, she will share with you how to make the most out of organic systems that exist naturally to support plants. She will teach you how to grow your soil, rather than how to grow your plants, so that your garden will thrive naturally, producing more fruit, and attracting fewer bugs, weeds and diseases.