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  • “Having you taking care of things has really improved our  family harmony, no more arguing about how to deal with all this stuff!”  - Dana Fleury

  • "Thank you Chelsie for cleaning up our flower gardens this summer and planting all those bulbs this fall. I'm excited to see where they will all pop up in the spring!" - Kristine Smith-Morrow

  • “I love your positive energy and passion and would love to work with you more.” - Sarah Haney of Puzzle Permaculture

  • “Chelsie is very positive, no judgement, and gives sound advice.” Breana Jones

  • “I've enjoyed listening and learning from you.  It is fun watching you turn your ideas into action.” - Shaun Guillet

  • "Chelsie is a joy to have in your garden. Okay- full disclosure? She is my daughter. Honestly, she does amazing work, or so I've heard from my garden design clients who have hired her as a gardener. This year Chelsie added a skill. She launched her public speaking career to share her passion for natural, sensible approaches to gardening with a larger audience." - Donna Balzer, Award Winning Television host, Speaker, CBC Gardening Expert, Consultant, Journalist.

  • “Great presentation at the Home and Garden Show. You are very inspiring!” - Petra Jerricke

  • “An absolutely inspiring and exciting way to get myself motivated in the garden/yard.” - Jen Lemire's reaction to a course taught by Chelsie

  • “Informative and entertaining” from WW compost talk- anonymous

  • “She is very knowledgable and a good speaker. “ - Jessi-Ann

  • "Chelsie's Presentation was the highlight of our event. Class participants were intrigued, engaged and entertained! Chelsie's passion is clear and she is an expert at instilling that same enthusiasm in her audience. We would have her back in a heartbeat!" Joanna Tschudy, Landscape Designer and Education Coordinator, Spruce It Up Garden Centre

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