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Chelsie on Global News Morning Show

Sprouting happiness mid-winter


Gardening expert Chelsie Anderson joins Global Calgary to talk about what people can look forward to growing at home and in the garden as the temperature heats up.

Chelsie on CTV Morning News

Chelsie Anderson was a regular guest at CTV's Calgary studio where she talked about all things gardening. Check out her sage tips and advice on building your own seasonal display, how to force bulbs for a bit of green in the winter, or how to garden using natural and organic techniques.

Get a jump start on the growing season

Chelsie Anderson from Chelsie’s Garden Soil-utions joins us with a jump start on the growing season talking about how to start seeds indoors now.

Backyard Snacks

Snacks every year, fresh from the backyard: we chat with gardening expert Chelsie Anderson about perennial edibles!

Home gardening tips: Setting up a veggie patch

We’re helping you get ready to garden with ideas on how to set up a veggie patch and what to fill your beds with. Chelsie Anderson from Chelsie’s Garden Soil-utions joins us

Gardening tips: Tomato seedlings and starting strawberries

If you haven't started your tomato seeds yet - now is the time. Gardening expert Chelsie Anderson shows how to transplant seedlings and start strawberries from bare root

Fall planting: Bulbs!

Chelsie Anderson with Chelsie's Soil-utions joins us with advice for planting fall bulbs

Garden SOIL-utions: Tips on getting started

Chelsie Anderson from Chelsie’s Garden Soil-utions is in with planting tips on getting started, the different varieties available, and info on an upcoming plant sale

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Gardening tips: Indoor seed planting

Chelsie Anderson from Chelsie’s Garden Soil-utions, is in with an indoor seed planting demo.

Winter gardening tips: Winter planters

Chelsie Anderson from Chelsie's Garden Soil-utions is in to show us how to make winter planters that look and smell great for the holiday season!

Garden SOIL-utions: Garden health

Chelsie Anderson from Chelsie Anderson’s Garden SOIL-utions is in with ways to keep your garden healthy

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Home and Garden Show: Sprouting


We're sprouting happiness with mid winter gardener Chelsie Anderson. Chelsie is going to show us how to grow our own micro greens and sprouts.

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