Schedule of Events

Spring Wreaths!

March 29th

12:30-2:30 OR 3-5pm

Make your own gorgeous spring wreath using locally sourced branches and floral accessories, class taught by Chelsie Anderson.

Located at Floraworx, this 2 hour long class will be hosted by Chelsie Anderson.

Chelsie will guide you through the "how to's" of tying your own wreath using locally sourced twigs ranging anywhere from dogwood to manitoba maple, lilac and willow. Ribbon tying will also be taught, giving you the tools and techniques to put towards your future wreath making endeavors. 

Everyone will go home with their own beautiful Spring wreath built onto a 14" frame, built out to be approx. 24 inches across.

Bring your friends and make it an afternoon out in good company!

Home and Garden Show 2020

Feb 29th 4pm, and March 1st 2pm

This talk is included with the cost of entry to the show. In it, I will focus on trees and their place in a natural garden. I will be presenting this talk twice; first on Feb 29th at 4pm, and again on March 1st at 2pm. Hope to see you there!

Red Deer Home Show

March 8th

Hey Red Deer, I will be returning to your home show in March for the second year in a row. My talk will be focused on trees and their natural place and benefit in a garden. Hope to see you there!

Calgary Seedy Saturday 2020

March 21st 10-3pm

Chelsie and her mom, Donna Balzer will be vendors at this event selling their book "The Three Year Gardener's Gratitude Journal" as well as organic worm castings, azomite and more.

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