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Chelsie's Garden SOIL-utions

Schedule of Events

Indoor Gardening with Kids #1

March 30th 1-3pm $25

During this 2 hour program for kids aged 8-12 years old, we will discuss water wise gardening. Why to water less and how to achieve this using organic and natural methods. This very hands on afternoon will have your child touching various mulches, soils and composts to help them understand how water retention works. The last hour will be spent building our own "Global Buckets". For this we will be suing saws, drills and our brains to piece together our buckets using re-used materials.

Indoor Gardening with Kids #2

March 31st 1-3pm

During this 2 hour program for 8-12 year olds we will be talking propagation! This means learning to grow your own plants. We will flip through seed catalogues, design our gardens, divide and plant echeverias, seeds and transplant baby veggies. In the last hour we will  seed some micro greens as well as start some sprouts to be brought home. Get your child eating home grown greens that are full of nutrients and flavour, and that were started by themselves!

Calgary Home and Garden Show

Chelsie will once again be a speaker on the Main Stage at this year's Calgary Home and Garden Show from Feb 28th-March 3rd 2019. Times and dates to be determined for her talks which will focus on trees and how to ensure they are thriving!

Calgary Seedy Saturday

March 16th 10-3pm

Chelsie will be a vendor at this event selling both her book "The Three Year Gardener's Gratitude Journal" as well as organic worm castings.