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Children's Gardening Spring Break Camp


​March 27 - 28, 2017 (5 - 8 years of age) / March 29 - 30, 2017 (9 - 12 years of age)

Get your kid's' hands in the dirt during this Spring Break Camp hosted by Chelsie's Garden SOIL-utions and Puzzle Permaculture.

For two days your child will be immersed in the "how to’s" of vegetable gardening. During this jam packed, very

hands-on, and interactive camp. Your child will learn about vermicuture, crazy seeds, how to make your own self-watering planter (to be brought home), permaculture design principles, bees and bugs, sprouting, and composting for kids.

Both Sara and Chelsie are moms and have extensive experience running elementary school programming and camps related to gardening. Your child will be engaged, entertained, and will definitely get their hands dirty! In fact, please do not send along gardening gloves, as we believe it is good to touch the soil as a way of getting to know it.

Inspiring, engaging and definitely a way for kids to get dirty!

Click here to register and for additional information.

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