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A Boost of Eco Therapy for Nature-Starved Calgarians

Too many hours spent indoors or in low winter light may be making Calgarians feel starved for

a boost of “eco therapy”. Expert gardener Chelsie Anderson can teach Calgarians how to grow two indoor crops right now using only seeds and water (soil is optional).

Grow Food Calgary is a 6 month long organic vegetable growing immersion program hosted by Donna Balzer, Chelsie Anderson and Shelley Goldbeck. We will be bringing in the top experts in their fields to talk about and teach new gardeners all they need to know about growing and harvesting food sustainably in town. For those who don't have a garden, wild crafting, or growing edibles vertically in pots will be of particular interest.

Grow Food Calgary is about more than just growing edibles, we are also growing a community of enthusiastic, health conscious Calgarians who want support in sustaining their families in a healthy and cost effective way. When cauliflower reached $13/head last winter I made a commitment to grow my own cauliflower. It cost me $2 for a packet of seeds and I produced an entire row!

This vegucational opportunity will be a fun way to engage and inspire Calgarians this winter.


Regular pricing is $600 for all 6 events, however our early bird tickets are available now for $500. For EVEN greater value, if you bring a friend each ticket is $450 ($900 for 2 people).

Click here for additional information and to purchase your tickets TODAY!

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