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Winter Planters: for the fun of it!

Low sun afternoons in Calgary with crisp blue skies and some white fluffy stuff underneath really make me excited about Winter Planters! I met with an arborist yesterday who had a giant pile of branches he had recently cut while pruning for clients. He said "help yourself!" so I did and I found some beauties... some mountain ash branches with big clumps of bright red berries, some amur cherry branches with their shinny coppery colouring, mugo pine which is terribly hard to source in town as there isn't that much of it, blue spruce boughs to add some prickly blue interest, and cedar! Imagine, cedar in Calgary you may ask? Well, it does occasionally grow here despite the suggestion by gardeners that it does not, and I managed to get my hands on a whole tree's worth of branches.

If you and your friends are looking for a fun night out to sip on some cider, build an original planter made of locally sourced and environmentally friendly branches and to get a healing aromatherapy punch of fresh cut greens then sign up for one of my programs today. Both workshops will be hosted at the Banff Trail Community Centre in NW Calgary and both will run from 7-9pm.

I will provide all of the natural materials necessary to build a stunning and natural holiday display. Sign up under the tab "Winter Planters Workshops" on this website. Looking forward to it folks!

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